Rainer Schroeder a.k.a. The Spectacular Kharou Hercules

Multiple record holder in The Guinness Book of World Records (1998, 2000, 2002). He is also registered in "The World Records Kurios", " Book of Alternative Records" and Ripley´s "Einfach unglaublich 2009
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Fire-eating strongman show

Witness a man with indestructible teeth, neck muscles made of iron, and a body which is unable to feel pain. Kharou has been a guest on many T.V. and radio shows both at home and abroad.

His greatest records are:

1. Lifting 221 lbs (100kg), with his teeth, an astonishing 48 repetitions in 1 minute.
2. Supporting a weight of 2229 lbs (1011 kg) on his chest for 10 seconds while laying on a bed of broken glass.
3. Pulling, with his teeth, a small bus weighing 6,000 lbs a distance of 117' 6" (35.8 m) in 1 minute.
4. Pulling a 7 ton lorry with his teeth for 28,15 meters.
5. Bending a 12/13 chrome-vanadium wrench fixed to a bench vice with his teeth 1minute and 30 seconds until it brok.

In his breathtaking and gripping 40 minute show; Kharou displays for you:

1. His fire show. The mighty Hercules proves that not only can he eat and breathe fire, but that it has absolutely no effect on his chest and limbs.
2. The driving of a 4.5" nail (11cm) through a 1.75" board (4cm) with his bare hands.
3. The failed attempt of 3 strongmen to drive a 6' (1.8m) steel rod, with a diameter of 1/2" (12mm), through his neck. The puny metal proves to be of no match for Kharou's mighty neck muscles, and bends under the force.
4. The transformation of a 3' 9" (1.15m) steel rod, with a diameter of 5/8" (16mm), into a corkscrew using his hands and his head.
5. The use of sheer brute force to bend a 7" (18cm) long steel bolt, with a diameter of 5/16" (8mm), into the shape of a "u".
6. The lifting, and suspension for several seconds, with his teeth of a r andom audience member weighing in the range of 132-221 lbs (60-100kg).
7. The use of a sledgehammer to smash a large stone which has been placed on his stomach, as he lays on a bed of broken glass.
8. The placement of 3 steel bolts ( 4.75" long x 1/4" diameter) (12cm x 6mm) in a vice and th en bending them repeatedly until they break, using nothing but his teeth. 9. The use of sheer power to bend horseshoes and break iron chains.


Rainer Schroeder is a member of the elite Saxonia Club. Membership is limited exclusively to world record holders.

Kharou has made numerous TV and radio appearances at both home and abroad.

Photo gallery

The mighty Hercules escapes unharmed after laying on a bed of nails and allowing 4-5 people , totalling 661-882lbs (300-400kg), to stand on him.